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Why Your Wedding Morning Can Run Late

POV: You just died at seeing your beauty timeline because your artist wants to start at 7AM. You're most likely dreading that early morning start time, however I promise there's good reason for it! The last thing you want on your special day is for things to run behind due to your bridal party showing up late, distractions while receiving services, makeup/hair adjustments, or a not-so-ideal space set up. I hope after reading this blog post, you'll have a renewed perspective on your beauty artist's start time, trust that they have your best interest at heart, and know how to prepare for any unexpected hiccups that may present on the morning of your big day.

1. Late Start

The timeline is carefully constructed to account for every minute your beauty team will be operating. The proper arrival time ensures the your desired finish time is met which is why it is HIGHLY important that your bridal party arrives on time. If you have bridesmaids/attendants who are notoriously late, don't put them first.

The start of the wedding morning relies heavily on the punctuality of the bridal party. Request that your more reliable/early-bird party members have their services performed at the beginning. I recommend having everyone receiving services be in the room together at the start of the morning. Best case scenario, if your bridal team is running ahead of schedule, they can just keep moving and have those spare minutes as buffer time or to spend more time perfecting your bridal look.

Additionally, if you are getting ready at a venue, please double check with your coordinater that you're able to access the bridal suite prior to your start time. Keep in mind that most bridal suites at venues don't open until late morning, which means most of the time they are unusable as the "getting ready" location.

2. Distractions

Over the many years experience doing bridal hair and makeup, I've quickly learned that the rate of speed at which I can perform GOOD makeup depends on the client's ability to remain undistracted and still. Consider the enviornment you normally do your makeup in - it's probably quite for the most part, free of distractions and you're likely highly concentrated on not moving to enusre you don't slip up or makeup any errors. This is the same type of careful attention that your artist will need when performing your hair/makeup services the morning of your wedding to ensure a flawless result.

We understand there will be A LOT going on during the morning of your wedding, however, if distractions can be limited it will help your artist a TON! Whether it be putting your phone down during your service, avoiding being overly chatty with other party members, or simply being able to sit in the chair still without turning around or getting up - these small gestures will save time and allow your artist the concentration they need to give you the look you desire. I always like to tell my clients, "The longer you can sit in my chair and be unbothered, the faster you can get back to chatting and having fun!" Help us to help you :)

3. Vendors Arriving

As food, flowers, photographers, planners, and all other vendors that are apart of your special day arrive, of course we encourage you to formaly greet them, however, if you're already in the chair we recommend assigning one of your bridesmaids as the "bridal assistant" for the day and have them oversee letting your vendors in and answering any questions they have. This will ensure you're not running around searching for details for the photographer, discussing locations with the photographer, or scrambling to find a spot to put the food. All these things should be pre-arranged to save valuable time.

4. Hair/Makeup Adjustments

Some clients may have teary eyes, oilier skin than originally perceived, super thick hair, etc. Maybe there's that one bridesmaid who needs a little extra TLC with their makeup or hair adjustments. As professional artists, we expect these things which is why we build in additional buffer time at the end of the timeline. If we can keep the flow of bridesmaids going in the hair/makeup chair, instances like these don't cost us any time.

You have most likely already met your artist during your bridal trial so they're aware of any extra time they may need with you. However, they haven't met or seen any of your bridal party members, so they may have to spend some extra time with them depending on the look to give them the same level of quality as the rest to ensure they're also 100% happy with their look.

5. Set Up

Swoon Styles blocks out 15 minutes of set up time at the top of the timeline to give artists enough time to arrive, set up their lighing, seating, and kits. We recommend pre-planning a spacious room for the artists to set up that has sufficient natural lighting (preferrably infront of a big window) and table space to lay out products and tools for easy access. Remember, there will be A LOT of people coming in and out so opt for a larger suite or conference room to ensure your party doesen't feel cramped.

We take this portion of the day very seriously. Proper kit set up is pertinent for a smooth, efficient, and comfortable morning. You might be surprised at how much furniture rearranging and reorganizing of the spaces goies into a set up for hair and makeup, especially if the artists are performing BOTH services on multiple people.

6. Unexpected Hiccups

Let's face the facts, no matter how much preparation goes into planning a wedding - there are still some unexpected situations that might arise. The most common reason for utilization of buffer time is simply that sh*t happens that is entirely out of our control. As your personal and chosen artists, always know that we're on your side and wanting nothing more than for your day to run as smooth as possible. We would never wish these events happen to any bride, however looks look at some examples of unexpected hiccups..

  • Weather Woes: Outdoor weddings are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Rain, strong winds, or extreme heat could put a damper on your plans and cause things to run behind, especially if you were hoping for a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

  • Traffic Delays: If you or important bridal party members get stuck in unexpected traffic, it could disrupt the wedding timeline and cause delays.

  • Forgotten Items: Realizing you forgot something important, like the rings or marriage license, can cause stress and require quick solutions.

  • Attendant/Guest Questions: Every male, distant relative, above the age of 45, who was invited to the wedding WILL BE calling you, the bride, asking what time the ceremony starts. Again, this is another reason you might consider nominating a "bridal assistant" to take said calls :)

The list goes on..these hiccups are inevitable and that is totally fine. I've heard many wise coordinators say, and I quote, "It wouldn't be a wedding if something didn't go wrong." These things happen more often than not, but with proper buffer time, we can alleviate the domino effect these occurances can cause in your timeline.


Moral of the story: Be flexible, understand, and trusting when your glam team recommends a particular timeline. We typically work multiple weddings in one weekend, we know what works and what doesen't. Your vendors ARE knowledgable and designed to handle any and all obstacles that are thown at them on your big day, but only if you adhere to their guidance and tips. Trust me, we don't like when our brides are frazzled and rushed. We want to ensure your pampered and relaxed and enjoy the morning of your wedding just as much as any other part of the day.


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