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Why a Bridal Trial Run is a MUST : from a Professional Bridal Stylist Perspective

You’ve likely had several vendor meetings to discuss and fine-tune details leading up to your big day. You’ve met with your coordinator over attendant numbers and seating, have explored bouquet options with your florist, and have tasted at least 10 different cake flavors at the local bakery. Don’t easily dismiss a bridal trial run as being any less important! We’ve narrowed down the top 6 reasons why we highly recommend a trial run to each and every bride from a professional stylists' perspective.

A makeup artist doing a bride's wedding day makeup.
Wedding Day Bridal Makeup


1. Meet your artist

A bridal trial run allows you the perfect chance to form a personal connection with your artist while also determining their skill level, and if they're a right fit for you. Nothing is more important than the client and artist relationship which is established by keeping communication open, honest, and clear. Your artist wants nothing more than to execute that perfect style for you and the only way they can do that is if you speak up. Don't shy away from asking all the questions and informing them of any minor adjustments you want to make - we LOVE this! A professional and seasoned artist will have the ability to separate their emotions from their work, and is therefore is un-offended when you suggest something be altered.

2. Exploring different style options

Maybe searching Pinterest now has your head spinning and you’re torn between a down style and an updo. During your bridal trial run, your artist will have sufficient time to show you both options and give professional recommendations based off your dress. This is also a great time to try out hair pieces and veils. Allow yourself to be open to creativity and consider makeup looks you may have never done before such as winged liner, fluffy brows, or a bold lip. Nothing is off limits during a trial!

A bride having a wedding makeup trial performed.
Bridal Makeup Trial

3. Valuable time-saver

We all know how tight wedding day timelines can be – there is ZERO time for error and your artist wants to respect that. A bridal trial run will ensure that you and your artist approach your wedding day with confidence, and that there are no surprises. It takes the work out of guessing and frivolously trying to achieve an undetermined style, thus saving you valuable time on wedding day and ensuring everything run as smoothly as possible.

4. Address allergies and sensitivities

Most professional makeup artists aim to use hypoallergenic products, however some people with sensitive skin or allergies may want to test out certain hair and makeup products. Your wedding day is definitely not the time to discover that you’re allergic to a cucumber ingredient in a skin prep product or can’t stand the smell of texture spray. If you are sensitive to any skincare product, makeup product or hair spray, a bridal trial run would allow you the best opportunity to communicate that to your artist.

5. Testing the longevity

“How long will the style last?” is probably the most common question we receive from brides. There are many factors to consider when answering this question, to which your stylist will identify during the trial. If you are someone with fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl, perhaps your stylist will recommend clip-in extensions and a tighter curl. If you are someone who is prone to oily skin, your stylist may choose a mattifying primer over something more hydrating or dewy. A bridal trial run will allow you to communicate your areas of concern to your artist, while also giving you the opportunity to wear the style all day long to see how it holds up.

6. Confidence Booster

Knowing exactly how your hair and makeup will look on the wedding day boosts your confidence. This added self-assurance helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and throughout the entire celebration. When you feel beautiful, it radiates through your smile and demeanor, making your wedding day even more magical.


In conclusion, a bridal hair and makeup trial run is an indispensable part of your wedding preparation. It ensures that you and your artist are in sync, gives you the chance to explore different styles, and provides a confident and time-efficient approach to your beauty routine. By investing in a trial run, you can walk down the aisle with the assurance that you will look and feel your absolute best on your special day.


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