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How To Prep Your Hair for a Wedding Style!

Many brides have questions about what steps they should take in preparing their hair for the big day! It’s important that you provide your hairstylist with the best canvas possible to work with, your desired result and longevity of the style depends on it! Your hairstylist will likely provide you with similar advice on how to properly prep your hair before the big day, but here are our top three tips!


1. Wash and blow dry your hair the day before!

Though freshly washed hair feels nice and is appealing, it’s a wedding stylists’ worst nightmare! It’s guaranteed that a style won’t hold if the hair is squeaky clean or if it has recently had heat applied from a blow dryer. We recommend washing and blow-drying locks a day before the wedding with professional shampoo and conditioner. Blow drying will give a smooth effect and lifting at the base which is ideal for creating natural volume and texture. Some brides prefer to have their hair blown out for their rehearsal leaving it in perfect styling condition for wedding day!

2. Use a clarifying shampoo!

Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week leading up to the big day will strip it of all product build up and leave it feeling light and shiny. We recommend the Weekender shampoo by Unite because it deep cleans without removing the hair’s natural and healthy oils. If you are in a pinch and don’t have time to pick up a clarifying shampoo, here’s a DIY concoction that works just as well! The day before your wedding, wash your hair using a mixture of 2 tbs of baking soda combined with 2 tbs of shampoo for two minutes. Skip conditioning. I know, it sounds a bit crazy but trust me, it works and your hairstylist will thank you!

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3. Don’t add any product!

Some hairstylists may have differing opinions on this subject and it does depend on the hair type, however we find its easiest to style a mane that does not contain products such as gel, mousse, or hairspray. If you have extremely curly or textured hair and prefer a certain anti-humidity or taming product that you know works best for you, then by all means use it!


We hope this provided you with some helpful tips on how to prep your hair for your perfect wedding style! If you have any questions please feel free to email us at!

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